Monday, May 14, 2018

THEINSPIREDTREEHOUSE.COM has a handout on Why Kids' Hands Aren't as Strong as They Used to Be.  Many kids don't have sufficient hand strength to complete functional daily tasks like: grasping a pencil, cutting with scissors, and completing clothing fasteners. Sometime hand weakness can be attributed to specific diagnoses or medical conditions, but for some kids it can be a matter of exposure. They list 5 reasons:

  1. Infants are getting less tummy time
  2. Babies are getting less exposure to crawling
  3. Kids are exposed to more screen time than ever before - (and I will add the explanation since this is a tech blog) - More screen time and more time with video game controller in hand means that kids these days aren't getting as much exposure to toys and games that include small pieces, manipulatives, and moving parts that require fine motor coordination and manipulation. 
  4. Kids are getting less exposure to outdoors, active play than ever before
  5. Kids are getting less exposure to fine motor/art/craft activities

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