Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Integrating Technology in the Classroom Article

In the September/October issue of Exchange (, in the article on Integrating Technology in the Classroom the author states:

Technology in the classroom can contribute to better quality teaching and improve children's learning.  It can also be a detriment if used improperly.  Many workshops I attend include this warning from Mr. Rogers:

"...Let's not get so fascinated by what the technology can do that we forget what it can't do...It's through relationships that we grow best and learn best."

Be a guiding force in the appropriate use of technology in your program.  Set policies and provide resources that will take your program to the cutting edge of our modern world.  It is not about the technology - it is about children's learning and development.

Fred Rogers / NAEYC Technology Position Statement: Interactive version featuring videos, webinars, resources

Mrs. Davidson's kindergarten:

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TEC Center: Video examples, webinars, resources

YouTube Video examples of the use of technology with young children

Free webinars on early childhood education and technology:
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Technology in Early Childhood Center (TEC) at Erikson

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