Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cyber Parenting

In doing some research for a presentation I am doing April 2nd at CESA 11's Keys Conference I found a book titled "Digital Parenting" by Anne Livingston. Below is a link to the companion website. I was able to get the kindle edition of the book from Amazon free. It is full of good information. It covers everything from pre-school screen time through high school. In the book she offers "Tips & Scripts." She recommends parents sit with their child when they are online in order "to introduce them to the wired world." An astonishing fact I discovered in the preschool section of the book is that more children between 2-5 years can play a computer game than ride a bike. The book and web site are definitely useful resources for parents of young children and children of any age. While the best practice is no screen time prior to age 2 it is not too soon for parents to educate themselves about internet safety and begin to plan how they will guide their child in cyber space.

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