Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here are a couple of articles that were referenced in Baby Talk:

89 Percent of Parents Would have Emotionally Healthier Kids if They Stopped this Habit

Parent-Toddler Behavior and Language Differ When Reading Electronic and Print Picture Books In this study, parents of 102 toddlers aged 17–26 months were randomly assigned to read two commercially available electronic books or two print format books with identical content with their toddler. After reading, children were asked to identify an animal labeled in one of the books in both two-dimensional (pictures) and three-dimensional (replica objects) formats. Toddlers who were read the electronic books paid more attention, made themselves more available for reading, displayed more positive affect, participated in more page turns, and produced more content-related comments during reading than those who were read the print versions of the books, suggesting that electronic books supported children’s learning by way of increasing their engagement and attention. More research is needed to determine the potential hazards and benefits of new media formats for very young children.